Elvis Hisstory

Elvis His(s)tory

ELVIS HIS(S)TORY is a pictorial overview of the life and career of Elvis Presley. Divided in three decades that co-incidentally represent very different stages in Presley's life. Through symbolic and more factual illustrations the story of the King of Rock and Roll is told.

 All copies comes with a detailed guide to all the details portrayed.

Through this site, apart from the regular 50 x 70 prints, you can get exclusive limited prints of ELVIS HIS(S)TORY.

They are 40 x 60 art prints on heavy stock paper printed with UV resistant ink.

Prints are signed and dated by the artist. To make them even more exclusive the background is a different color as opposed to the regular 50 x 70 posters.

Obviously the prints come with the appropriate booklet.


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