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Jarod is a graphic artist. Originally a graphic designer and printing company owner he now focusses on graphic art. His subjects come mainly from the entertainment field. He describes his style as, although crafted on a computer, impressionistic to give it a natural almost traditional painting like feeling. He doesn't strive for extreme realism. He says: “there are a lot of artists who make portraits (from entertainers) but they mostly meticulously copy photographs. I like to make my works more elaborate by adding symbols and thematic elements and turn it into more than just a portrait. A bit like the old masters did. I have all respect for these other artists and their craftsmanship but I find that way of working too narrow.”

One of his most well known project is obviously his series of three works called Elvis His(s)story. It documents Elvis Presley's life divided into the three periods. In each work all the important aspects of his life in the period are represented by symbols or more straightforward images resulting in a visual telling of Presley's life story.

Also a series of artworks that are based on first lines of Bruce Springsteen songs (with Elvis Bruce is one of his favorite subjects) is work that is well revered throughout the Springsteen community.

Besides making art he is also designer of artwork especially for T-shirts. This site, however, focusses on his regular graphic art.

With new works being made as we speak this site will be updated regularly.

Prints of art by Jarod on various media are available through various sites. For more info go to this page.

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