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Jarod is a graphic artist. Originally a graphic designer and printing company owner he now focusses on graphic art. His subjects come mainly from the entertainment field. He describes his style as, although crafted on a computer, impressionistic to give it a natural almost traditional painting like feeling. He doesn't strive for extreme realism. He says: “there are a lot of artists who make portraits (from entertainers) but they mostly meticulously copy photographs. I like to make my works more elaborate and distinctive  by adding symbols and thematic elements and turn it into more than just a portrait. A bit like the old masters did.”

One of his most interesting projects is obviously his series of three works called Elvis His(s)story. from 2017. It documents Elvis Presley's life divided into three periods: The rock and roll years, The Movie years and the concert years. In each artwork all the important aspects of his life in the period are represented by symbols or more straightforward images resulting in a visual telling of Presley's life story. The project is commercially available as a set of 3 professionally printed posters (size 50 x 70 cm) and each poster comes with it's own booklet explaining all the symbols and images on the poster.

His most ambitious project was released in December 2020. This book called 'The Story of Elvis through the eyes of Jarod Art" tells the story of Elvis's career from the early Sun Records days till his tragic end in 1977 told through the Elvis art from Jarod. The book includes previous works of art as well as artwork especially created for this book.

Besides making graphic art he is also designs artwork especially for T-shirts. Often these are adapted works of art redesigned to fit the t-shirt medium. On this site you can find a few pages with his t-shirt designs

Jarod's art is available for puchase through the webshop on this site. Here's a direct link to the webshop