The Story Of Elvis

THE STORY OF ELVIS - Through The Eyes Of Jarod Art

This book is a collection  of Jarod Art Elvis works.  

Because Jarod Art his works often depicts an event or has a song as its subject

Jarod Art has written essays to go with most of the works

with appropriate illustrations also made by Jarod Art.

These articles are filled with interesting details and information about the art's subject matter.

With this books you can enjoy Jarod Art's Elvis art as well as learn

something new about a lot of things Elvis related.

Because the art in the book is in chronological order it tells the story of Elvis

from the beginning to the end.

Here are some examples:

The story about the recording of the song that started it all: 'That's Alright, Mama'. 

How the legendary NBC TV Special came that is now known as the Comeback Special came to be.

All the info about the worldwide hit: 'In The Ghetto'

The facts behind probably the biggest event in Elvis history; the Aloha From Hawaii special.

The book is softcover and 64 pages.
It is available through several online sources.

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